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“500KG CO2” is an upcycling service that empowers users to upcycle their wardrobe. The beta version of the upcycling app was developed this year and is currently being tested at STUDIO183 in BIKINI Berlin. 

Why “500KG CO2”?


The name "500KG CO2" derives from the recent material science study conducted by INTEXTER that concludes that reusing 1kg of textile saves 25kg of CO2, so based on this research the idea for the upcycling tool "500KG CO2” emerged.

The “500KG CO2” upcycling service officially kicks off on April 29th at STUDIO183 in BIKINI Berlin. Customers can bring their second hand garments to STUDIO183. With assistance of our inhouse designer & the app, users can select a design that their preloved garments will be upcycled into. A few days later they can receive their new upcycled garment!

In September 2023 you will be able to download the app & use the upcycling service “500KG CO2” from the convenience of your own home.


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